Looking For a Janitorial Company

It's Important to Know What to Look For

Are you looking for a janitorial service and are faced with finding the right service for your facility? Maybe the current janitorial service has failed you and is just not doing their job. Perhaps you have just purchased or built a new facility and are in need of a local janitorial service. There are lots of scenarios but the reality is that you want a stable, competent, solid crew to clean your facility. Start by assessing your facility and the needs of your tenants.

As a Property Manager it is your responsibility to find a reliable janitorial service that listens to your needs, responds quickly to your requests and concerns and has a reputation for a very low turnover in staff. Your tenants spend so much time in the office that it becomes an extension of their home. They bring in pictures of their loved ones, personal effects and valuables which lead to their office space becoming an extension of their home. They want to be assured the janitorial service cleaning that space be reliable, safe and familiar. They like to know who is taking care of their things when they are not in the office after hours. Many janitorial services have a very large turnover in employees and contractors from week to week and you may not know who is cleaning your space. It is important to select a janitorial service that has a great reputation along with the right price for your budget.

The search begins. Start by asking around and go on line to view their website or search for janitorial services in your local area. Read what they have to say. Make some calls and ask a lot of questions.

  • What janitorial services do they provide?
  • How long has the company provided janitorial services?
  • What is the size and scope of their largest account?
  • If LEEDS Certification or "Green Cleaning" is a priority to you, are they up to speed with regulations?
  • Do they currently service accounts with LEEDS Certification?
  • What is the turnover rate for your employees?

These questions are a start and each of you will have a different focus for your facility. You will notice that I only mentioned budget once. That is because I believe it is more than budget that should be addressed when selecting a janitorial service. A good, stable janitorial service can make you look like a winner in the eyes of your tenants and will truly keep the complaints, issues and costs to a minimum. Your time is valuable and best not spent dealing with janitorial service issues and spent filling your facility with long term tenants. It is up to you to do the homework necessary to find a janitorial service that will work in the background to keep your facility clean and trouble free for you and the tenants. Best of luck on your search!

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