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Green Cleaning Program

We know that sustainability is imperative to our health and our environment. We have chosen a green policy to help reduce our carbon footprint and to keep the health and safety of our employees as a priority. PBS, Inc. is devoted to environmental standard setting, product certification, and education. Our mission is to work towards environmental sustainability by identifying and promoting environmentally responsible products, purchasing, and production through its standard setting, certification and education programs. PBS has helped numerous clients achieve their LEED certifications from the silver to platinum level. These facilities range from standard commercial office spaces to health care facilities.

PBS, Inc. has developed an effective green cleaning program by applying the below 6 principles

A Holistic Approach

PBS, Inc. takes a holistic approach while designing a green cleaning program for each of their customers, considering the building’s purpose and uses. Because entryways serve as gateways for pollutants entering the building, a good program will begin there. While traditional cleaning methods attempt to control this dirt after it enters and spreads throughout the building, effective green cleaning focuses on trapping and removing contaminants at entryways. Cleaning chemicals, janitorial processes and equipment, waste removal, and even occupant habits are other areas that our holistic green cleaning program will address.

A Beyond-the-Surface Focus

The primary intent of most cleaning programs is to leave surfaces looking spotless and dirt free. Our Green cleaning program goes far beyond this. Dirt, bacteria, mold and other pollutants may not be seen, but they can certainly affect the indoor air quality. Our Green cleaning program aims to remove harmful particles from the air, not add to the problem by using harsh chemicals.

Although it may be difficult to judge how well a green cleaning program has removed unseen particles, use of proper equipment will insure that it is efficient and well maintained. At PBS, Inc. we thoroughly train our staff on sustainable cleaning practices and provide equipment to ensure the effectiveness of your program.

Products and Services Offered

The products used in green cleaning play a vital role in the program’s success. Products should qualify for third-party certification by organizations such as Green Seal. Unlike traditional cleaning products, these certified chemicals and equipment are designed to work effectively, while minimizing environmental impact and decreasing risks to health and safety. Thus suppliers of cleaning products and services can play a critical supportive role in a building owner / operators attempt to obtain and / or maintain LEED-EBOM Certification.

Knowledgeable Employees

PBS, Inc. employees understand the objectives of green cleaning and our own role in the process. Our janitorial staff knows each product’s designated use, green cleaning processes and equipment maintenance procedures. Regular inspections and quality control programs ensure that our employees’ work meets high standards. PBS continually trains their employees on the best practices in green cleaning.

Educational and Communication Programs

PBS, Inc. goes beyond the tactical implementation of cleaning strategies to become your partner in creating a healthier environment. Our programs will include regular communications so that building occupants and facility stakeholders understand the importance of green cleaning and what they can do to make a difference.

Product Supply List

Paper products must be made of a minimum of 20%-40% post consumer waste to meet EPA guidelines for a LEED certified building. PBS has chosen products that are made of 65% post consumer waste to help you meet your objective of obtaining/maintaining LEED certifications.

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